Best Posters for College Bathrooms

The bathroom is a place that can say volumes about us based on how it is setup and decorated. The college bathroom is no different. A place of privacy for college-goers, the college, or dorm bathroom can be decorated in any number of creative ways. Some of the most popular options for decorating this space today come in the form of posters.

Posters are such a hit for a few reasons. They are affordable and versatile. And they can also purvey an endless stream of thoughts, messages, feelings, and emotions. Read on for 10 of today’s most popular college bathroom posters.

1. The James Belushi poster is perhaps the most popular college bathroom poster. The word is that Belushi’s facial expression in the cult classic “Animal House” is all too appropriate for newbies at school.

2. For better or for worse, college is a place where, shall we say, experimentation and learning about alcohol is often widely practiced. The periodic table of Mixology poster attests to the interest as well as provides plenty to take in during those bathroom visits.

3. Again, we digress. Beer Pong is a game that combines drinking and competition sport. Those interested in this “sport” often place this rule chart poster in their bathrooms. There may be little art here, but there is plenty of literature.

4. The poster of the Pink Floyd cd cover is another favorite. No one quite knows why this is so catchy to the eye, but it is. This album art from the band Pink Floyd has come to occupy many walls and doors in colleges across the country.

5. Resounding success is the main overall feeling imparted by this compelling image of a Muhammad Ali boxing win. Considering the rigors of college, this can be quite appropriate and motivational.

6. The Justification for Higher Education poster is a fan favorite. Speaking of motivation, that is the undisputed subject of this piece. Far from frugal, this poster is popular because of its blatant message that you can do very well if you achieve that education.

7. The guy sitting in a chair in front of a tv getting blown away poster is always a safe bet. This poster has generated somewhat of a cult following. Pictured is a man staying cool despite extreme inundation from the speaker seated across from him.

8. Motivation posts like the one of friends carrying a friend home drunk always gets a good laugh. Again, the drinking theme continues. Depending on your leanings in humor, this one can be a real gut-splitter. Go in a few college bathrooms, and you’re sure to come across this adaptation of teamwork.

9. A poster of a toilet seat above your toilet seat is an ironic poster that has become increasingly popular over the years.

This concludes our short list of today’s popular, bathroom posters in college and dorm bathrooms. Which one will you choose?

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