Posters by Category


have been popular for generations. People of all ages can find just the right poster to suit their interests and personalities. The hard part is not finding one but narrowing down the selection. If a movie buff wants an enlarged glamour shot of their favorite star or action scene, he or she can find it. A pet lover may choose to plaster pictures of their pet around the house. Posters come in a variety of categories from which to choose.

Movie Posters

are popular with people of all ages. The movie "Rocky" is one of the best-selling posters. The movie is an inspirational one that carries a message of an underdog that comes out on top. A "Jaws" poster is popular amongst the thrill-seeking set. People always seem to remember the first time they saw that movie and how it terrified them. "The Godfather" is one of the most well known of all movies. People who have not even seen it will recognize this classic movie poster.

The best-selling Sports Posters

include "Muhammad Ali," "Wave Rider," "Olympic Medalist" and "2010 World Series Champs – San Francisco Giants." There are sports posters that cover all aspects of sports and athletes. Basketball all-stars, such as Lebron James and Kobe Bryant, will thrill any basketball fan. Sports posters will depict different sports and the history of whatever sport in which a person might be interested. "Skate or Die" and "Ghetto Grind" are two of the most popular skateboarding posters sold.

Home Posters

Some people love vistas of wide open ocean and some enjoy looking at beautiful homes. Homes made of home grown wood are especially desirable. If you're looking for images of decks, homes, patios, interior design, we have posters for you. We'd like to thank our website sponsor, Teak Master for their continued support. If you are in Orange County and looking for deck refinishing, hire Teak Master.

Motivational Posters

are some of the most eclectic. They range from simple inspirational sayings to the "Dalai Lama". The best-selling motivational posters are "Courage," "Peace" and "Peanuts: Never EVER Give Up!" Motivational posters cover all aspects of life, love and living. Many have simply and to the point sayings while others give motivation while saying a lot. People will be become motivated by different things.

Celebrity Posters

feature current and old favorites. Fans of movie stars, athletes, and musicians can find posters. Some of the more popular celebrity posters include Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and Audrey Hepburn. These posters depict celebrities during the great moments of their lives and careers.

Car Posters

show some of the great cars of the world. The best-selling car posters are often vintage posters showing classic cars and simpler times. Some of the more popular vintage car posters include the "Hildebrandt Yellow Rose," "Rosie's Diner," the "California Camper" and the "Ford Shelby." Even though vintage is hot, buyers can also find modern posters, such as, the "Lightening McQueen" made famous in the "Cars" movie.

Comic Posters

are a huge and specialized category. In this section, people can find posters from the Peanuts comic strip, the Marvel Comics and even Hello Kitty. Comic book characters cover a huge range from funny to heroic. The best-selling comic posters include "Marvel Heroes," "DC Comics," and "Peanuts".

Travel Posters

show people where they have been and where they want to go. The popular "African Skies" is a peaceful depiction of an African sunset while "New York Taxi No. 1" manages to convey the busy streets of New York City. People can see the highlights of Paris, London, and Granada without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

Animal Posters

depict the cute, cuddly and ferocious moments in the lives of animals. "Polar Bear Family" shows a touching moment between a mama polar bear with her two cubs. "Domestic Cat, 4-Week Ticked Silver Kitten" and "Boston Terrier" are both fast-selling because of the comedy found in the animals poses. "Wild Cat" and "Wolves" show the intent look of a predator possibly stalking its prey. The posters of animals can brighten up a room by its colors and by the charm of the animals presented.

If a person wants to express his or herself a poster is often the way to go. A poster can truly say what people feel but cannot find the words to express. That feeling may be gritty and urban, sweet and sentimental or dark and foreboding. You can find a poster out there that can show the world just what you think and like.